Concept Art

These have been floating around on the Internet for a couple years now, and now that I’ve made this blog I figured I’d chime in with my opinion. I’m a big fan of behind-the-scenes stuff, so this is great. 😀 Besides, I’d like to have them all in one place.

Finding a proper source for the images proved pretty much impossible. I found some of the earlier art on a forum, which claimed they were from the wikia (which got them from. . .?). I then went to the site watermarked on some of them (, what appears to be a French fansite) which only said that the images were ‘exclusive’ and ‘a rare find’ (through Google Translate, I don’t speak French) but neglected to say where exactly they were found. Lost in translation? Or perhaps the author of the site works with Rainbow and had exclusive access to the art? I don’t know, so I unfortunately can’t provide credit where it is due.

The Sirenix concept art I found on the website, which in turn named the source as, a social network. Since there’ve been many new posts and there isn’t a search box, I couldn’t locate the original post. :/ Google Image search was also useless.

The Believix art is from Not sure where they got it.

Alright, now that that’s done let’s get to the good stuff. 🙂

Bloom01 forum

Bloom’s really cute here. I really like her old transformation outfit (bottom right). It’s simple (like Magic Winx should be!) but very elegant and fairy-like. I kinda wish they’d went with the dress. Less parents would complain. :p

Stella01 forum

Oh, man, I love Stella’s fairy outfit. Much more fitting for a princess of Solaria, don’t you think? She looks very regal (though maybe that’s why they changed it :p) and it reminds me a little bit of Enchantix – not as frilly or skimpy, but it’s got an elegant feel to it.

flora1 forum

Aww. How cute is Flora in glasses?!? I wish they’d kept that. Cartoons hardly ever have non-nerdy characters wear glasses. And I’m a big fan of the poofy skirt and long sleeves in the top middle. Very Flora-ish. 😀

Musa01 forum

Poor girl, she’s suffered the most changes. . . She looks nothing like the Musa we know, but there’s something about this one that’s very endearing. (And now we know what she looks like without pigtails. :)) I like the blue sketch. Not a fan of the curly ends on the one beside it, though. And is she using a flute as a weapon with her transformation? Interesting.

Tecna01 forum

Whoa, cool robot arm thing. I love that. 🙂  The costume’s awkward, though – glad they simplified it. Especially that helmet O_o. It’s like she has horns or someting!

aisha1 forum

Aisha’s isn’t as interesting to look at, since the Winx style was already established when she was added in. I like her hair in the blue sketch at the top, though.

bloom2 forum

Oooh, Enchantix. 🙂 Not much to say about this one except that the bottom picture looks like Bloom’s wearing pajamas.

stella2 forum

Wow, I like Stella’s concept a lot better than the finished version. She looks kinda like her mom. Maybe it’s the hair?

flora2 forum

Not much to say about this one, either. I can’t really tell because of the watermarks, but I don’t think Flora’s changed much.

musa 2 forum

Ditto for Musa. She  looks pretty much the same.

aisha2 forum

Aisha’s looks very different. I like what she ended up with, but this one’s nice too. It seems a tad more modest- almost all of the concepts cover up more, actually. I sort of wish they’d stayed with that rather than making everything super skimpy – but then again, Enchantix was never meant to be super practical.

tecna2 forum


Again, I really dislike Tecna’s concept art. :/ Glad they decided not to go with the skirt and super long hair. It doesn’t suit Tecna at all.

believix magixjourney

Wow, I’m glad they decided to scrap these! It looks like one of Stella’s failed designs, with the same color scheme and all. And their wings are plainer than the Magic Winx ones. . .

sirenix vk

If they’d gone with these designs, I might actually have liked Sirenix! 🙂 These are way more ocean-y. The trains kind of look like seaweed. And they’re barefoot – much more practical for swimming.  Too bad it’s only these three. This kind of style would have really fit Musa. :p

That’s all the concept art I could find – I don’t think any’s been released for Season 6 (not yet, at least). I’m planning a follow-up post with some deleted scenes from ‘Magical Bloom’, the original name of Winx Club. (Good thing they changed that. . .) And I’m also in the process of writing another part of Patching Up the Timeline. Both should be up in a week. 🙂

If you know of any of the original sources for this art, please comment!



Do the Winx Deserve Their Powers?


As evidenced by the image above, the Winx have sure earned a lot of transformations. Or is “earned” the right word? How do our favorite fairies achieve their new powers? How many of them are truly “earned?” If not, do the Winx even deserve them?

To answer those questions, let’s take a look at each one. If we count the Gifts of Nature as one and lump together Magic Winx and Nick’s Charmix, (since they’re essentially the same thing, though they’re different on the chart), the Winx have transformed into nine fairy forms.

The first one, Magic Winx (I’m going to call it Magic Winx here so as not to confuse it with the original brooches-and-bags Charmix) is relatively simple – it’s the first level, achieved as soon as a fairy unlocks her basic powers. You can say it’s part of the starter package. 😛 Next, Charmix, an add-on, is an extra, well, charm, to boost magic in a no-powers situation, unlocked by conquering one’s fears in said situation. Enchantix is also relatively simple to understand – a fairy courageously sacrifices herself, and this unlocks not only greater power, but broader opportunities – Enchantix serves as a sort of platform from which every fairy can choose her own path – not everyone has to be like the Winx and earn Believix, Sirenix, etc. in that order, or at all. The amount of transformations appears to be conveniently infinite. A fairy could stop at Enchantix if she wanted to.

Now, Believix is where things start to get tricky and the transformations start, in my opinion, to go downhill. Why is that? Because they’re progressively easier to earn – heck, Sophix, Lovix, Harmonix and to an extent Bloomix are outright handed to the Winx on a silver platter – and, as a result, less, for lack of a better word, epic. The criteria to earn Believix – having people believe in you – are vague. Ditto for Bloomix, which Stella and Aisha earn for doing a backflip. The Sirenix quest was boringly easy. With multiple transformations per season, the writers are running out of ideas – and time to execute them, since they need to cram so many in at once.

If the Winx start getting a new transformation every time they work together, they’d have about fifteen by the end of season 1! So the answer to the question in the title of this post is no – at least to some extent. I think it’s high time the club stopped relying on gaining more and more raw power and focused on the strategy, teamwork, and perseverance that made them Winx in the first place.

Patching Up the Timeline: Alfea College, part 1

See, Alfea's a terrible school. All they do is party.

See, Alfea’s a terrible school. All they do is party.


Anyone who’s been a fan of Winx Club for a while knows all too well how horrible the timeline is: conflicting backstories, multiple dubs, plot holes. . . the list goes on and on. In this series, I’ll attempt to address some issues in the plot of Winx Club and tie up a few loose ends. Please keep in mind that this is just speculation and in no way canon – it’s more of a way for me to get it all straight in my own head, and if anybody else is interested, then great. 😀

Also just as a heads up, I’m talking about the original Rainbow S. r. l dub of Winx. If you’re a Nick fan, you may be confused.

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

What’s wrong with Alfea?

First, here’s a recap of how the (original) first three seasons and Lost Kingdom went, school-wise.

In their first year, fairies stayed mainly at Alfea, mastering basic fairy skills and occasionally going on simulated, teacher-supervised missions. Second year, they were left alone for a few days to earn their Charmix on a group mission. And in the third and final year, they went out to their home realms on missions to earn Enchantix with Alfea as a sort of home base, and courses taught by teachers acting as extra training. Then, the Enchantix fairies graduated and became guardians of their home realms.

Plus, they get cool little fairy dust bottles.

Plus, they get cool little fairy dust bottles.

Now, keeping in mind the purpose – fighting evil and guarding realms – that actually sounds like a pretty good curriculum to me. It allows the girls to gradually become more independent and helps them mature from scared teenagers to strong, confident young women and hones magical skill pretty effectively.

But here’s the catch: the Winx were the only ones to get that education. I understand that the Winx are magical and special, and having them be the only ones to earn Enchantix underscores just how extraordinary they are – but what it really does is make the other students and especially the teachers seem woefully incompetent.

Amaryl, you have a right to be angry.

Amaryl, you have a right to be angry.

In the third season, it seemed like the Winx were the only ones fighting Valtor – unless he directly attacked the school, in which case all the fairies fought. So the Winx were the only ones able to go out to their home realms and thus get a chance to save someone from their realm. I’d like to think that the other fairies were going out on missions in small groups, much like the Winx, but that’s sadly not the case. And even then, Enchantix is incredibly specific – the timing has to be right, somebody else has to be in danger, and of course the fairy in question has to be brave enough to sacrifice herself.

A possible solution

So my theory is that earning Enchantix usually takes three years of learning, fighting, and waiting for the right chance. The year a fairy earns her Enchantix, she graduates. The Winx were just that amazing and able to all earn it in one year. But that’s not an excuse for them to be the only ones to graduate – some older fairies had to have earned it that year. And if nobody did, then Alfea – with an average graduation rate of six students per year – is an incredibly lousy school.

So how would you fix that?

The solution, in my opinion, is to have the entire class graduate in SotLK, with the Winx receiving some sort of special honor or medal. That would’ve emphasised their achievements just as much – even more, actually, because what’s the point of winning if you’re the only contestant? And besides, showing the Winx graduating at the top of their class – with a class to be top of – would make a nice tie-in to the first season, where the Winx were actually part of a class instead of being so far out of everyone’s league.


So what do you think about the theory that earning Enchantix takes three years? Leave a comment!

Next time I’ll tackle the confusion of the Winx becoming teachers. . . and then students again. Stay tuned! 😀